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Ratings Guide

To help clarify the meanings of the ratings we give movies, I have done two things. First of all, I have adopted the school-like A-F grading scale (including +/-), because it is a well established and recognizable system for people. Second, I am presenting this ratings guide. While the recognizable A-F scale allows most of these ratings to be interpreted immediately, this is here for those who want extra clarification.

A: Excellent pieces of work that we have no reservations reccomending. These movies are our favorites and are among the best films out there. Not to be missed and worth many, many viewings.

B: These movies are well above average and well worth your viewing time. While not as stunning as an "A" movie, these films will put a smile on your face and make you glad you spent your time on them. You'll probably even want a repeat viewing. They have very few bad traits and any they do have are not enough to mess up a movie this good. Very deserving films that are just shy of absolute greatness.

C: These movies are just about average. They are decent viewings that will keep you entertained for the duration, while not leaving a significant impact on the viewer. They don't do anything to stand above the crowd and/or have bad traits that hurt an otherwise good film. They are usually only worth many multiple viewings if you are a big fan of the star or the specific style.

D: These movies are generally not very good. They aren't bad enough to make you want to throw the disc against the wall, but will not provide a terribly good film experience. They may have a couple decent traits to keep them from complete movie hell, but not enough to make the film entertaining. As the grade would translate - these are just barely passable as films.

F: Horrible, utter crap. A poor excuse for a film. There are many ways to describe these movies. Even a hardcore fan of the star or movie style will not want to touch this. Little or no redeeming qualities. While I said a "D" doesn't make you want to throw the disc against the wall - an "F" will, at the least, make the thought cross your mind...until you realize the disc could be used as a coaster (note: don't do this to discs you don't own, hehe).

+/-: The plus/minus system helps bridge the gap between ratings and gives a bit more precise portrayal of a movie's worth. A plus puts it slightly above the standard rating and closer to the next rating, while the minus does just the opposite. For example, a movie that I feel is great and worth multiple viewings, but does have significant bad traits that hurt it may get a B-. It has too many bad traits to fit into the regular "B" category, but is definitely an above average film and worth multiple viewings, which makes it more worthy than a C film. On the other hand, maybe a film that I feel comes much closer to true "greatness" while just barely missing it will get a B+. And if a film gets an A+... wow, damn near perfection - you must see it NOW!

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