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Asian Movie Reviews

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Movie Title Country Grade
2000 A.D. Hong Kong B+
Accidental Spy, The Hong Kong B
Audition Japan C
Avalon Japan C
Black Mask Hong Kong D+
City Hunter Hong Kong F
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon U.S./Taiwan A+
Downtown Torpedoes Hong Kong C
Drunken Master Hong Kong B+
Drunken Master II Hong Kong A
Eat Drink Man Woman Taiwan A
Failan Korea A-
Fist of Legend Hong Kong A+
Fly Me To Polaris Hong Kong B
Gen-X Cops Hong Kong A-
Gorgeous Hong Kong B
Heart of the Dragon Hong Kong D+
High Risk Hong Kong D
Hot War Hong Kong C+
Iron Monkey Hong Kong A
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Japan (Anime) A-
King of Comedy Hong Kong A
Kite Japane (Anime) C
Legend of Speed Hong Kong C
Longest Nite, The Hong Kong B-
Man Called Hero, A Hong Kong B
New Legend of Shaolin Hong Kong D
Once Upon A Time In China Hong Kong A+
Once Upon A Time In China and America Hong Kong D+
Purple Storm Hong Kong B-
Rumble In The Bronx Hong Kong C
Shaolin Soccer Hong Kong B+
Shiri Korea A-
Tokyo Raiders Hong Kong B
Wheels On Meals Hong Kong C-
Who Am I? Hong Kong C+
Wing Chun Hong Kong B-



A - Buy it. Quality stuff you'll watch again and again.

B - Definitely see it, and possibly consider purchasing. High quality enoyment that's just shy of greatness.

C - Rental quality. Probably an enjoyable one-time viewing, but nothing memorable.

D - Disappointing. Stay away unless you are really bored or are a hardcore fans of the actor/genre/etc.

F - Stay away at all costs. Nothing but a waste of time.