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The site

Way back in the day (1997 to be exact), I ran a Drain S.T.H. website from this same tripod address. It was very successful and we had quite a Drain fan community going with all the fans and webmasters. Eventually, though, Drain broke up. The site was to be reborn as an all-around entertainment site, but that never got totally up to speed. My relatively newfound interest in Hong Kong films (which had started about a year earlier with just Jackie Chan movies and Fist of Legend, slowly expanding to include more HK films) then prompted me to start an HK film page (fall/winter 2000).

So, Klotera's Domain was born. I kept the Drain-related name as both an homage to Drain and as a reference to my usage of it as a screen name. Not there aren't enough HK review sites out there, but I enjoyed web design and also wanted to have some place where I could share my thoughts on various films with others, even if it only ended up being a few. Early design was just a slight variation of my basic Drain site design. Later (mid 2001), a new design came about that, while not revolutionary, was significantly more organized and eye catching than the original. This was version 3.0 (I consider the ill-fated all-around entertainment site version 1).

Finally, it comes to early 2002. I had been way behind on updating the site and was having trouble keeping myself motivated. Eventually, I decided a totally revolutionary site design from scratch would do the trick and get me excited again. Thus, version 4.0 is started. Now, I consider it an Asian films page, not just Hong Kong. I had included Shiri on the previous site versions, but now, I should have a more significant number of Korean films as well as films from other parts of asia. I will also be including some anime, although I don't wish it to be an "anime" site per se. I feel that any Asian film, though, can be part of this experience. So, here were are. And, I hope you like it.




Name: Stefan Paz
Screen Name: Klotera

-22 year old guy
-In last semester at University of Missouri - Columbia
-Graduating with B.S. in Computer Science.
-Free time: Computer, movies, games, music - the usual.
-Editorialist and regular forum member at X-sages.

All-time Favorite Movies: (Could change periodically)
-Abre Los Ojos
-Fight Club
-King of Comedy
-Eat Drink Man Woman
-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
-Back to the Future (trilogy)
-Fist of Legend

Favorite Games:
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
-Virtua Fighter 4
-Soul Calibur
-Super Mario World
-Sonic CD
-Streets of Rage 2
-Street Fighter Alpha 3
-Mega Man 3
-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (series)

Favorite Music Artists:
-Drain S.T.H.
-Utada Hikaru

(No pic of me - instead, you get my bad-ass fighting team)